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Tech-Express, Inc. was founded in 1992 to provide pre-press services to local area printers. At the time, we provided high-end drum-quality scanning, 8-up film output, contract proofing, and graphic design services.

As technology changed the face of the printing industry and the need for film and matchprints faded, Tech Express, shifted its focus to large-format inkjet, digital photography, and the production of exhibit displays. We are a dealer for several premium display manufacturers.

Tech Express continues to use its 30+ years of printing experience to provide access to the best quality full-color, on-demand and offset printing available to our clients. Much more than a print broker, Tech Express, Inc. has the ability to take your project from conception through completion by offering full design, layout, pre-flighting, and proofing services.

Our mission is to provide you with unmatched service and quality and, ultimately, to make you stand out and impress your clients, or maybe more importantly, your boss. We look forward to serving you.

Mike Martin, President
Tech Express, Inc.


PHONE: 540.382.9400

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