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MB Banner Cases


MB Multi-Compartment Case

Durbale multi-compartment case that doubles as a convenient counter

MB Padded Light Case

Tech Express offers complete design services, focused on creating exciting design solutions for your business, marketing or personal use.

Expo Case

Extremely durable and shock-proof case that easily unfolds to a stable counter.

Portable Exhibit Case

Coming Soon!

Podium Travel Cases

Hard plastic designed for Pop-Ups.
Doubles as a podium.


Oval Case

Roll wrap and stretch wrap option are available to help you easily convert the case to a counter for added versatility

OCS & OCL Grpahics Cases

Built-in wheels and easy-to-grip molded handles make the case portable and easy to transport

Rollease Table-Top Case

A set snaps together to push effortlessly on built-in wheels. The clam shell lid opens deep for easy unpacking and repacking.


Standard Shipping Case

Provides alternatives means to transporting floor model snap ups

MB  Frame Carrying Bag

Coming Soon!

MB Accessory Bag

Coming Soon!